5 Common Chemicals Linked to Autoimmune Conditions?

Have you ever wondered why some chemicals can make our bodies behave weirdly?  They can lead you to become sick, and in some cases, they can be fatal to you or your family. Here is how these substances linked to autoimmune conditions and impact our health.

Chemicals Connected to Autoimmune Conditions: An Overview

Autoimmune diseases happen when the body mistakenly attacks itself through its defence system. Certain types of chemicals could aggravate these kinds of illnesses. These toxic substances provoke the body’s immune response and influence its ability to attack healthy organs.

How does naturopathy treat these toxins?

The most common way of handling such conditions is treating autoimmunity with naturopathy. Naturopathy supports the removal of toxins from the body of an individual, including what one eats, herbs used, and lifestyle changes. 

These approaches clear out dangerous materials from our bodies and keep them safe. Naturopathic doctors develop individual detoxification plans that enhance natural toxin elimination and promote overall wellness.

  1. Mercury

Mercury is a poisonous metal harmful to us; it is heavy and toxic. Therefore, we can become sick if we get too much mercury exposure. Eating some fish, for instance, may expose someone to mercury. At the same time, polluted air is another way someone might catch mercury or mercury-containing products, such as trade paint, merging their immune system.

  1. Dioxins

Dioxins are detrimental contaminants in the environment. Their presence near us may result in ill health if exposed, at times even causing ailments like dioxin poisoning, for example, through inhalation of lousy air around areas where Dioxins are emitted. Sometimes, even eating foods contaminated with it may lead to dioxin poisoning. When dioxins enter our bodies, they would sometimes trigger autoimmune diseases.

  1. Pesticides

Pesticides confuse the human defence mechanism when they contact us. Rather than protecting us, our immune system may start attacking our healthy cells. Consequently, we end up with autoimmune diseases where the body fights itself.

  1. Solvents

Some powerful chemicals like trichloroethylene and benzene are called solvents, which might harm our health. We can be exposed to such substances through cleaning agents, paint or industrial activities. The entry of these chemical compounds into the body causes disturbances in its immune system, thus leading to an attack of one’s immunity on one’s cells instead of giving protection as it should. Sometimes, this might even cause autoimmune diseases where the white blood cell bodies kill themselves.

  1. Endocrine Disruptors

These interfere with hormone functioning within our bodies. Some everyday endocrine disruptors associated with autoimmune conditions include some pesticides. For example, plastic additives and personal care product chemicals exist. When such disrupters enter our systems, the functionality of our immunity may be changed.


Therefore, some chemicals can affect our bodies and cause autoimmune diseases. Knowing what is being exposed to us and possibly restricting the use of such dangerous substances should be observed. To avoid infecting ourselves with pesticides, mercury, or solvents which would destroy our immune system, we must familiarize ourselves with how they work to protect ourselves and live healthy lives. If you need more information about this issue or assistance, contact naturopathic doctors