5 Ways to Know if You need a New Garage Door opener

Is your garage door acting a bit strange lately? Before panicking or spending money without reason, let’s dive into common garage door opener problems. Knowing what’s happening can help you decide whether you need a new opener. Here are some signs to help you know; 

  1. Your Garage Door Won’t Open or Close Properly

Imagine heading out to work, pressing your garage door button, and… nothing happens. Quite frustrating, eh? This is a clear giveaway. If your garage door isn’t acting right, or even worse, not at all, the opener could be the problem. While this can sometimes be due to minor issues, such as a dead remote battery, persistent problems often indicate that your opener needs a check or a replacement.

  1. Unexpected Reversing of the Door

Picture this: you’re closing the garage door, but halfway down, it starts going back up. This isn’t some high-tech feature; it’s a possible problem. When your garage door suddenly reverses direction during its opening or closing operation, it can indicate that the opener is on its last legs. This reversal can sometimes be linked to safety features, but consistent misbehaviour suggests it’s time to consult premium garage door makers for a potential upgrade.

  1. The Random Phantom Operation

You’re in the kitchen, sipping on some good ol’ Canadian maple tea when the garage door starts moving out of the blue. A bit spooky, right? A garage door opener with a mind of its own, operating intermittently or even stopping altogether, can be a significant red flag. Such randomness not only causes inconvenience but can also be a safety concern.

  1. A Noisy Garage Door Opener

Every household has its symphony of familiar sounds: the fridge’s hum, the clock’s ticking, and birds chirping outside. But when your garage door opener starts adding unwanted noise to this mix – we’re talking groans, creaks, or grinding sounds – it’s probably not trying to create a band. Loud or unfamiliar noises can indicate that the opener is struggling or its internal parts are wearing out. While occasional sounds might be okay, the consistent racket is a clear shout for attention.

  1. Slow-Moving or Detaching Door Opener

In today’s world, many of us are embracing the ‘slow living’ mantra. However, your garage door shouldn’t be part of this trend. If it’s dragging its heels when rising or even detaching from the door occasionally, it’s not artsy. It’s a sign that the opener is facing some difficulties. An opener that lags considerably or, even worse, can compromise both safety and functionality.


As we’ve explored, garage door openers, like any piece of machinery, have their shelf life. On average, they’re in the game for 10-15 years. But, of course, this can vary based on how much TLC you give them. If your trusty opener shows one or more of the signs we’ve discussed, it’s possibly signalling its retirement. Upgrade your garage door to a new model to enjoy premium garage door makers’ more unique, sleeker, and more efficient features.